Marzipan FAQs

Frequently asked questions about marzipan. Find the answers below!

Marzipan, although not a picky sweet, is still not an ordinary gelatin candy. It requires special conditions of transportation and storage. On this page you will find answers to the main questions related to using our online store and what to expect when purchasing our products and services.

Marzipan 101

Marzipan is made from three ingredients: almond flour, sugar powder and syrup.

The biggest allergen is almond nut. Some of our partners’ products also contain gluten and egg white (see *allergens* under each product description!). Some marzipan products are covered with milk chocolate.

The shelf life of marzipan is from 3 to 12 months, depending on the product. Marzipan with a high content of almonds, like sweets with filling, should be consumed within six months. Figures that do not have such a high content of almonds can be kept suitable for up to a year. Marzipan is best stored at room temperature. Within a radius of 10 to 25 *.

Up to 100 years. After 1 year, it begins to harden and loses its taste.

Marzipan special orders

The customer must understand that the order will not be 100% completed as in the picture. The master will bring something of his own (especially for photos and portraits). There must be an appropriate picture, or several, from different angles. The figurine must be solid and have a sufficiently thick and strong base.

There is no limit. To perform a large figure, you should contact us in advance.

It all depends on the complexity of the order (details) and the size. The more detailed you describe what you want, the faster we will start manufacturing. The average lead time for an order is from 3 days to 2 weeks. In the case of large and heavy figures, marzipan needs more time to get stronger and not lose its shape. Please take this into account when placing an order.

To get marzipan of different colors for sculpting figures, we take our 30% marzipan and add natural dyes to it. The addition of dyes does not affect the taste. This means that all Almond Marzipan figurines taste like classic 40% marzipan.

Sometimes, when making special orders (unusual shapes), we use small reinforcements (for example, toothpicks) that we insert into the construction of the figure. You will be informed about such fortifications when issuing an order.

The optimal time is 2-3 weeks. During this period, we will be able to plan our time and clarify the nuances if necessary.

Online shop and shipping

We provide international shipping.

Depends on what part of the world you are in. Orders in the Baltic states are delivered quickly – within 3 working days. In Europe, the delivery time takes 1 week. Outside of Europe, delivery can take up to 2 weeks, but we also offer an express delivery option.

Marzipan will by no means melt like ice cream, but may lose its shape or change color in case of direct sunlight or in case of inconsequential proximity to a heat source (battery, radiator).

In the case of marzipan masses, gift sets and 2D plates, we use a dense food wrap. We pack marzipan figurines in a transparent plastic box. Since the marzipan figurine is a delicate handmade product, we recommend that you come to collect it yourself. If you order delivery to a parcel machine, we will of course do our best to pack accordingly, but we cannot guarantee that the item will arrive safe and sound.

Events in Marzipan Gallery

The optimal number of participants in the event for a comfortable pastime is 25-30 people.

Yes, with approval through the request form on the site or by contacting us by email or phone.

Off-Site Marzipan Workshops

25 participants in one group is the optimal number of children so that our employees can give due attention to everyone.

Within Tallinn, we leave if the minimum number of children is 40. An educational institution located within 100 km from Tallinn must organize the attendance of at least 75 children, educational institutions located more than 100 km – at least 120 children.

The duration of modeling for one group is 45 minutes. Gallery workers themselves keep track of time. Children are free to splice after the end of the lesson call.

We come to you a little in advance of the first planned group and prepare the premises for the whole day. The school must allocate a room/classroom in which we will prepare everything for the depot. We don’t move from class to class. Groups come to us one by one. During the breaks children and school personnel can buy marzipan goods from small corner shop.

To provide a full service, we need: tables and chairs, behind which the modeling process takes place, a computer, a projector and speakers for showing an educational film.

We can bring a marzipan shop to you, where everyone in the school can buy goods. We can also offer modeling participants a win-win lottery (a coupon is drawn – depending on luck, the participant receives a gift of one value or another)

If the school does not guarantee a certain number of participants, and does not pay in advance, then we do not come to fairs and other similar events.

Partnership and retail

For retail, we offer Almond Marzipan brand products. Check out our catalog!

To receive an offer at wholesale prices, the minimum order value is 300 euros.

When placing an order, the customer must make an additional payment of 50%. The remaining amount is paid when the order is ready.

From the moment we receive the advance payment, the goods will be ready within 4 weeks.

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