Off-site marzipan CLASSES

Interest activity for children

For over a decade, we have been bringing our knowledge of Estonian national sweets to kindergartens and schools across the country, particularly during the beginning and end of the school year. Our marzipan workshops are met with enthusiasm from children who learn about this unique and fun treat that can be molded, painted, and eaten. It’s not often that you get to indulge in a treat that you’ve created yourself, so the opportunity to do so with marzipan is truly something to cherish.

You stay where you are - we come to your place!

Our master classes can take place outside of our gallery walls, bringing the magical atmosphere closer to you. We provide the same equipment for off-site classes as we do in the gallery. After creating your marzipan figures, we will pack them in boxes for you to take home. If the necessary equipment is available, we can also show an educational film about the history of marzipan.

Conditions for off-site classes for groups from kindergartens and schools

1. The age of children is from 4 years old.

2. Number of participants in the off-site class:

– in Tallinn – at least 40 children,

– up to 100 km from Tallinn – at least 70 children,

– 100 km and more from Tallinn – at least 120 children. NB! Off-site classes in kindergartens and schools on the islands – the price is according to a separate agreement.

3. At the same time classes are held for a group of a maximum of 25–30 children, then for the next group, a lesson for one group is 45 minutes.

4. The cost of the off-site class: 7.00 euro per child. The price includes:showing an educational excursion video (up to 10 minutes, if there is a projector and speakers on site), tasting 5 types of marzipan, 40 g of marzipan per child, the use of food coloring and working tools from the Gallery, modelling and coloring of your own product under the guidance of a gallery employee, special plastic boxes for packing your own molded product (one box per child).

5. For the organizer of off-site classes from the kindergarten or school – a gift from the Marzipan Gallery.

Optional win-win lottery with marzipan prizes: 3.00 euro per child.

Specifically for educational institutions

Interesting extracurricular educational activity

If you’re looking to organize an engaging activity for the entire school at once, our off-site class is just for you. Our class can be tailored to coincide with one of the holidays during the school year, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, or Easter. This way, the children can create a themed figurine and pack it in a box as a gift for their friends or family members.

Off-site marzipaN CLASS experience

Watch the video of our off-site class!

Off-site class for Educational Institutions

Form for off-site class booking for Educational Institutions

Contact person details
Phone for contact
Email for contact
Which institution you are writing from (as given in Estonian Education Information System)
The language in which the workshops are held
The minimum required number of participants depends on this. Within Tallinn - min 40 children. Up to 100 km from Tallinn - min 70 children. 100+ km from Tallinn - min 120 children.
When you would like us to come to your educational institution?
Time the first workshop starts(Required)
The same time as your first lesson or later?
Approximate. Based on your location there is according minimum requirement as for 40, 70 or 120 children.
Would your kids participate in workshop only or you would also like them to participate in win-win lottery with marzipan prizes: 3.00 euro per child (optional)
For whole event taking into account the total number of participants
Sales corner
We offer the opportunity to organize sales corner of marzipan products. So, pupils and personal will be able to purchase goods during the break between lessons.
Anything more that we need to know regards your group, individual group members or process.
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