Marzipan Philosophy

Innovation is just being a little better than yesterday

The idea of creating the Marzipan Gallery arose during the trip of the founders of the Gallery abroad more than 20 years ago. Traveling around the countries of Central Europe and getting to know their common cultural background, but also their peculiarities, inspired them to delve into the culture of their own homeland upon arrival home.

Turned out that even such a small country as Estonia had something to share with the vast world.

Goals and dreams

With faith in your heart you will go far

Marzipan Gallery – combines several goals:

  • The promotion of the history of marzipan
  • The place in the Historic City of Tallinn, where it is interesting to spend time with the whole family
  • An opportunity to reveal their talents to marzipan handycraft masters

Family business

Overcoming difficulties strengthens the relationship

Although we are known in our hometown as a small family business, the history of our development is saturated with stories that bind together many people of different cultures, ages and views. We started quietly, step by step, without making loud statements, we hatched the idea with trepidation and care, and without creating artificial boundaries, we can be proud that new members from all over the world are added to our small, initially, family of people who are not indifferent to marzipan.

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