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The marzipan gallery offers a wide range of services for both the novice and experienced marzipan connoisseur.
From excursions, visiting master classes and viewing the exposition of marzipan figures to tasting, a quest to create your own marzipan and a wide range of both local and foreign products, we love everything!
Every year the volume and detail of our services only grew and we never reduced the offer, even if some things went out of trend and demand fell.
We believe that being in such a narrow niche as sweetness, and even more so a specific sweetness, one should not waste money on trifles. We strive to satisfy every request that comes to us and always work sensitively with the client, describing the properties of marzipan, the possibilities for the production of a particular product and the conditions for the longest possible preservation of all the properties of the product.

sculpting from marzipan

Sculpt your own edible masterpiece

We offer talented needleworkers-daredevils to test their skills on the so-called edible plasticine (classic marzipan with 40% almond content). This is a pleasant entertainment and a useful exercise for the development of finger motor skills, popular with children and adults. Sitting comfortably at the table, having received a 40g ball, paints, brushes and special knives, you will be limited only by your imagination! Before your eyes there will be examples of figurines, according to the model of which you can mold similar ones or fulfill your own ideas without paying attention to any examples. Upon completion of the masterpiece of the master (you), the gallery staff will help to carefully pack the figurine so that you can take it with you! Classic marzipan can be stored in a box and remain edible throughout the year. It is up to you to decide whether there will come a moment when you feel that you will get more pleasure from eating the figurine than from its visual component.

Guided tours

Interesting, educational and delicious

If you are an inquisitive soul, then a fascinating tour about the history of marzipan will definitely appeal to you. You will find out which countries claim to be the progenitor of marzipan, get acquainted with the local legend of the creation of marzipan in the city of Tallinn and delve into the marzipan production process. Any excursion also includes a tasting of various varieties of marzipan and sculpting your own marzipan figurine.

Special orders

Your fantasy embodied in marzipan

Whatever crazy idea you have, we can’t be scared anymore! Over the years of work, we have completed thousands of special orders, when the laws of the material world interfered with the fantasy world of our customers and a serious battle began with consistency, mass / volume, supporting structures and color combinations, but from time to time our team came out the winner of this battle!

At your request, we manufacture

Webshop available products in non-standard colors and sizes

3D figurines of people, cartoon characters, fictional characters or animals/plants/insects, etc.
2D figurines (marizpnoy plate with sugar paper on top) with any design and in any reasonable size

Cakes with a combination of all of the above options, which will be a masterpiece at any holiday

Off-Site workshop

Interest activities for schoolchildren

The rave reviews from visitors from the tour inspired us with the courage to spread emotions beyond the thick walls of our Gallery. For more than 10 years, the beginning and end of the school year has been one of the most emotionally rich periods, because we bring knowledge about Estonian national sweets to every corner of our country. The marzipan workshop is met by children in educational institutions with eyes full of joy and interest. After all, how many days in a person’s life when he learns about the useful sweetness that you can roll in your hands, paint, sculpt, make whatever your heart desires, and then eat it !?


Memorable atmosphere of the festive event

The marzipan gallery is a private space and a unique atmosphere in the heart of the Old Town of Tallinn, designed to meet the needs of any type of event! The aroma of marzipan and hot chocolate, bright fairy-tale characters, the artistic panorama of the Old Town, fun and laughter while creating marzipan masterpieces in the company of your friends will make your holiday unique! Two floors make it possible to create different atmospheres and offer interesting activities for each of the guests! Purpose: family holidays, corporate parties, children’s events, a workshop for games and master classes. Each guest will leave the holiday with a marzipan gift! And for the birthday boy from the gallery a special surprise!

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