360° marzipan services

Something for everyone, depending what you are looking for...

Marzipan Gallery offers a diverse range of services for marzipan enthusiasts of all levels. Our services include excursions, master classes, and the chance to view our exquisite marzipan sculptures. We also offer tastings, quests to create your own marzipan, and a variety of local and international products. We’re committed to providing excellent service and satisfying every request that comes our way. Our team works closely with clients to explain the unique properties of marzipan and offer guidance on the production and preservation of each product.

Marzipan modelling

Mold your own edible masterpiece

At Marzipan Gallery, we offer a unique experience for talented needleworkers and daredevils alike. Our “edible plasticine” is made from classic marzipan with 30% almond content, and it’s perfect for developing finger motor skills while having fun. Both children and adults can enjoy sitting comfortably at a table, receiving a 40 g ball of marzipan, paints, brushes, and special knives to let their imaginations run wild. With examples of figurines for inspiration, you can create your own unique masterpiece. Once you’re done, our staff will carefully pack your figurine so you can take it with you. Classic marzipan can be stored in a box and remain edible for up to a year. Whether you choose to eat your figurine or simply admire it is up to you!

Guided tours

Interesting, educational and delicious

For the inquisitive soul, Marzipan Gallery offers a fascinating tour exploring the history of marzipan. Discover the countries that claim to be the progenitor of this beloved treat, learn about the local legend of marzipan’s creation in Tallinn, and delve into the production process. Every tour includes a tasting of various marzipan varieties and the chance to sculpt your own marzipan figurine.

Special orders

Your fantasy embodied in marzipan

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve tackled thousands of special orders where reality clashed with our customers’ imaginations. But more often than not, our team emerged victorious! We can create webshop products in non-standard colors and sizes, 3D figurines of people, cartoon characters, fictional characters, animals, plants, insects, and more. We also offer 2D figurines (a marzipan plate with sugar paper on top) in any design and size you desire. And if you’re looking for a show-stopping centerpiece for your event, we can even craft cakes that combine all of these options into one delicious masterpiece. Truly the 360° marzipan service!

Off-Site Classes

Interest activities for schoolchildren

For over a decade, we have been bringing our knowledge of Estonian national sweets to schools across the country, particularly during the beginning and end of the school year. Our marzipan workshops are met with enthusiasm from children who learn about this unique and fun treat that can be molded, painted, and eaten. It’s not often that you get to indulge in a treat that you’ve created yourself, so the opportunity to do so with marzipan is truly something to cherish.

Event holding

Memorable atmosphere of the festive event

The Marzipan Gallery is a private space located in the heart of the Old Town of Tallinn, with a unique atmosphere that caters to any type of event. The venue offers the aroma of marzipan and hot chocolate, artistic panoramas of the Old Town, and the chance to create marzipan masterpieces in the company of friends. With two floors, guests can enjoy different atmospheres and activities. The gallery is perfect for family holidays, corporate parties, children’s events, workshops, and games. Every guest receives a marzipan gift, and the birthday celebrant receives a special surprise.

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