Marzipan Special orders

Your fantasy embodied in marzipan

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve tackled thousands of marzipan special orders where reality clashed with our customers’ imaginations. But more often than not, our team emerged victorious!

We can create webshop products in non-standard colors and sizes, 3D figurines of people, cartoon characters, fictional characters, animals, plants, insects, and more. We also offer 2D figurines (a marzipan plate with sugar paper on top) in any design and size you desire. And if you’re looking for a show-stopping centerpiece for your event, we can even craft cakes that combine all of these options into one delicious masterpiece.


How we prepare your special order

In order to deliver the highest quality product, we need to know what our customer wants down to the smallest detail. Ideally, before writing to us, you have already thought out for what occasion you need a cake (for how many guests) or a marzipan figurine and how it should look. You found images of the desired end product on the Internet and decided on the details and nuances (text on the cake, additional drawings, etc.)

Under each special order option there is a separate form that must be filled out. Some fields are optional, but they give us additional context and save us from questions that may arise. Submitting the form is the basis of your order and our work.

When we get acquainted with your order, we will let you know if we are ready to take it to work. If necessary, we will contact you using the contacts you specified and discuss the issues that have arisen. We discuss the terms of payment: upon receipt of an order in the Gallery or by bank transfer.

Since we have special orders all the time, we cannot include someone’s order in the calendar out of turn. We process orders in the order they are received. We will notify you if your order is ready ahead of schedule.

Depending on the pick-up method you choose, you either come to our Gallery in the Old Town of Tallinn at Pikk 40 or we send you the order by courier.


A unique and personalized gift

3D figurines made by hand by our master. Made from classic marzipan with 40% almond content.


A memorable part of your celebration

A cake adorned with marzipan decorations will undoubtedly be the star of any celebration! A 3D cake refers to a cake that is shaped like an object, such as a purse, a fish, a car, or a hat.


Interesting, edible and scalable corporate design.

Looking for unique and creative gifts for your colleagues or wanting to surprise children at a camp or holiday event, our edible marzipan 2D plates with custom designs will definitely be a hit!

Sugar Paper

Allows you to create something interesting and scalable

Special sugar paper for food printing is suitable for decorating any known types of cakes and pastries.

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