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Sweet Fairytale of the Old Tallinn

The Old Tallinn Marzipan Gallery is a truly fabulous world, a unique place for interesting pastime for people of all ages in the very center of the historical old town of Tallinn, where you can see with your own eyes the wonderful creations of our confectioners made from real marzipan. The locals love us for the pleasant atmosphere and fragrant coffee with marzipan bagels. Tourists visit us to get acquainted with the history of marzipan and find out the connection of the world-famous sweet with the city of Tallinn.
You can also visit the constantly updated exposition of marzipan figures from the smallest (20g) to very large (>500kg). The exposition includes characters from famous Disney cartoons and marzipan heads of world leaders, as well as marzipan representatives of Estonian folklore and characters from national eposes.

Almonds conquer the world

Selling all around the Globe

The history of marzipan has been associated with Tallinn for several centuries, because, according to legend, it was in the town hall pharmacy of our city that the recipe for marzipan was first invented. Now people from all over the world can buy in our online store. In it, in addition to the usual goods, you will also find an extended catalog of gift sets, basic marzipan cakes and marzipan modeling kits at home.

sculpting from marzipan

No one leaves unhappy

Since marzipan is not an ordinary gelatinous candy stuffed with sugar, the fanaticism of this sweetness is also about self-expression!

Although the range of our products, and especially marzipan figurines, is impressive, there are still many who want to get something unusual for themselves. For example, not an octopus figurine, but a kraken! Not a figure of a donut with chocolate icing, but with strawberry. Not a figurine of a cat male, but a cat female! Therefore, our clients have the opportunity to turn their most sophisticated fantasies into reality! Each visitor can mold and paint his own marzipan figurine and take it to his home to the delight of the eye or as a gift!

It is marzipan modeling that spreads information about us all over the world, and every season we observe the phenomenon when, thanks to word of mouth marketing, tourist families with their children come to us and say, “on the advice of friends, we came to make our own marzipan masterpieces.


One of the best place for quality family time!

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The warm atmosphere of Martsipanigalerii makes visitors feel relaxed and have a nice time. The accommodating staff at this place can show how much they like their customers. Prices are democratic for the quality you get.

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Housed in a medieval Old Town building the gallery introduces marzipan art and offers workshops. Marzipan gallery displays various hand-painted sculptures and figurines made out of marzipan. Walk-in visitors can try their hand in marzipan figurine making or decorating. It is also possible to book a guided excursion about the marzipan history along with figurine making and painting.


Mostly loved for its lovely atmosphere on cold fall/winter evenings. People say that hot wine GLÖGI or melted chocolate will warm you and degustation of the unique marzipan flavours will not let you get bored.

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museum & figure exposition

Сharacters and personalities immortalized in marzipan

On the lower floor of the Gallery there is a constantly updated exposition of marzipan / museum of sculptures. Sizes range from very small (100g) to very large (>500kg). The exposition includes characters from famous Disney cartoons depicted in canonical scenes, as well as marzipan representatives of Estonian folklore and characters from national epics. With the help of the exhibition, we tell the legend of the creation of marzipan, its connection with the city of Tallinn and, of course, do not forget to mention its beneficial properties. The process of creating marzipan from basic ingredients is also clearly presented.

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