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Large Marzipan gift set. 7 tastes. Every bar weight is 20g. Tastes include: classic, almond-rich, pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, spicy, pineapple. If you want another taste selection, then write your wishes into “comment” section during checkout and we will complete the kit according to your wishes.

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Gift sets with marzipan are a godsend for people on both sides. One doesn’t have to puzzle over what unique gift to give, the other gets something that is unlikely to get from any other guest or that isn’t available in every cornerstore. A new enjoyable experience for everyone! Gift sets are suitable as a gift for those to whom you are sure that marzipan is to their liking and they will appreciate such a gift. Depending on age and preferences, you can choose a set with or without traditional Vana Tallinn liqueur. If you do not find a complete set of flavors that suits you in the assortment, then write to us at the e-mail of the online store and we will complete the set according to your desire.

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From excursions, outside master classes and viewing the exposition of marzipan figures to marzipan tasting, quests to create your own marzipan and a wide range of both local and foreign products, we have a loving touch in everything!

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