We will be happy to make special marzipan cakes based on your description and/or pictures you provide. The price of cake is 20 euro per 1 kg + the price of the printed image  (if marzipan figures are used for a decoration, their price is also added). The price of 3D-cake is 30 euro per 1 kg.

To place an order, please send us email with the following information at info@martsipan.ee (EST, RUS, ENG):

- description of a desired cake and/or illustrative pictures (we also have a food printer, which can print directly on marzipan),

- desired quantity,

- desired date of performance of your order,

- other important details,

- your name and surname,

- your phone number.

We will get in touch at the earliest opportunity!

Below are some pictures of special order products made by us: