Off-site lessons

We will be happy to arrange off-site lessons for students of your kindergarten or school. This is especially convenient if you plan lessons for several groups for a single day or if your school is located far from Tallinn.

Off-site lessons for kindergarten or school groups

1. Age of participants – from 4 years old.

2. Number of participants:

- in Tallinn – at least 40 children,

- up to 100 km from Tallinn – at least 70 children,

- 100 km from Tallinn and farther – at least 120 children.

3. Lessons are held for a group of 25-30 children (maximum); one group after another. Session duration is ca. 45 minutes.

4. Price of off-site lessons: 6 euro per child.

The price includes:

demonstration of an educational video about marzipan (up to 10 minutes, in English, Estonian or Russian languages), tasting of 3 varieties of marzipan, 40 grams

of marzipan per child, use of edible colors and tools provided by the gallery, sculpting and

painting a marzipan figure under guidance of a gallery worker, special plastic boxes to take the figure home (one box per child).

An optional sure win lottery with marzipan prizes – 2.00 euro per child.

For any question regarding off-site lessons contact us by email or phone.