Sugar & marzipan print

We offer printing of any pictures on edible sugar paper.

(printing on marzipan is not available atm.)

Printing on sugar paper

Special sugar paper for printing is suitable for decorating any types of cakes and patisserie. We recommend placing the sugar paper on surfaces covered with marzipan, sugar mass, butter cream or ganache (chocolate cream). Keep in mind that excessive moisture leads to melting of the image. Before attaching a sheet of sugar paper remove its protective film.

Thickness of sugar paper sheet is approximately 0.5 mm. Several images can be printed on a single sheet; the price is calculated by the number of sheets.

Composition of sugar paper: gluten-free wheat starch, fructose, glucose, sodium caseinate, E440 thickener, humectant E422, food color E171, vanilla flavor, emulsifier E433, preservative E202.

Only natural vegetable dyes are used for printing.

We can make sugar paper prints of the following formats:

А4 (210 х 290 cm)7 euros

The price does not include clipping of images. Terms of clippings are agreed upon separately.

Printing on marzipan (Not Available ATM)

We offer printing of any images on marzipan. We can print an image or several images on a piece of marzipan of any size – up to A3 format (297 x 420 cm). Thickness of marzipan 2 mm.


А4 (210 х 290 cm) – 8 euros

А3 (297 х 420 cm) – 16 euros

Composition of marzipan mass: sugar, 30% almonds, inverted sugar syrup, water, sorbitol, glucose syrup.

Note! If you want a high-definition image, we recommend printing on sugar paper (see above). Food printers do not ensure 1-to-1 color accuracy – printed colors may differ from those in the file.

How do I place a print order?

To place an order, please send the following details to

- – description of the desired product with indication of your preference: sugar paper print (indicate the size within A4 or A3 formats) OR marzipan print (indicate the size within A3 format),

- file with the picture to be printed* – .jpg format: for optimal results your picture should have resolution of 300 dpi and the length of its longer side should be at least 1000 pixels,

- the desired number of prints,

- the desired time of performance of the order,

- other necessary details,

- your name and surname,

- your telephone number.

*Food printers do not ensure 1-to-1 color accuracy – printed colors may differ from those in the file.

We will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity!

Selection of pictures of our products with sugar paper prints:

Selection of pictures of our products with marzipan prints: