Job offers for salespersons

Our company have 3 vacancies for salespersons: 1 salesperson to Marzipan Gallery of Old Tallinn (Pikk street 40) and 2 seasonal salespersons to Tallinn Christmas Market to the kiosk of Marzipan Gallery.

The work in Marzipan Gallery is a shiftwork, the one shift is 10:00–18:00. Gallery is open every day. On summer we work till 20:00. Christmas Market is open from 23.11.13 till 08.01.14, every day 10:00–19:00.

Candidate specification:

-          very good communication skills;

-          polite, welcoming, committed;

-          good Estonian and Russian languages, English at communication level;

-          nonsmoker (due to specific of marzipan products);

-          experience of working in trade and Finnish language are welcomed.

Please send your CV (in Estonian) or additional questions: