Figures for 1 euro only!

2020-06-18 13:02:00

All 15-20g marzipan figures are only 1 euro! (usual price is 1.5€) The campaign is going until the end of August. Marzipan figures 15-20g handmade

Campaign "Summer event in Gallery of Mar ...

2020-06-12 14:01:59

Make your celebration really fabulous, fun and truly unforgettable! Summer is in full swing, which means the time has come to rest and celebrate! Holiday in the Marzipan Gallery is both fun and informative! Reservation of the entire gallery is only 100 euros for 2 hours. Groups up to 10 people. Read more

We are open! The 2+2 rule applies.

2020-04-27 13:24:51

Open every day

10 - 18 Pikk 40